#ColorsOfBharat – Come Let’s Celebrate

Hola Amigos!!!

We are happy to hear about the excitment you had following our previous #XploreBharat campaign. Winners announced, and most importantly, prizes are also despatched. Some have already shared the joy about how much you liked it! Great.

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Time for the next Fun activity.

This time again we are planning to center our campaign around our IncredibleIndia!

India, vast land. Travel 100 kms in any direction and you will see an enteirly different culture, colors, traditions, habits etc. We are sure this summer vacation is going to be a lots of fun traveling around this colorful India.  So, why not share those colors to us?

When it comes to colors, what is more appropriate then pictures. Right you got it. This time we would like to have this activity on Instagram! So, get ready with your cam, shoot all those colorful picture, and share.

Come, let us celebrate the vibrant colors of this IncredibleIndia through the #ColorsOfBharat.

How to participate? here you go:

  1. The Instagram activity will start from 11th May to 25th May 2019.
  2. All are welcome.
  3. Follow @blogboosterindia on Instagram and @blogboosterind Twitter.
  4. Bloggers, you are more than welcome to join the BlogBoosterIndia facebook group.
  5. Each day of the 15 days you will be assigned a unique color as theme. Please stick to the color of the day.
  6. All you do is, post the pictures of any Indian item/landscape/food/person etc of that particular color of the day. You are free to write a few lines on that color and pictures.
  7. Participants can post more than one picture.
  8. Share you Instagram post with following sentence:
    1. Come celebrate with #ColorsOfBharat with @blogboosterindia. Today we celebrate the shades of (color)
  9. Here is the list of colors for the 15 days.
    1. 11th Blue
    2. 12th Orange
    3. 13th Brown
    4. 14th Grey
    5. 15th Purple
    6. 16th While
    7. 17th Green
    8. 18th Yellow
    9. 19th Red
    10. 20th Gold
    11. 21st Pink
    12. 22nd Silver
    13. 23rd Gerua
    14. 24th Black
    15. 25th Peach

Questions? You are always welcome to shoot it to us in twitter on @blogboosterind


Photo by Manyu Varma on Unsplash

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