Hola Amigo!!!

We from #BlogBosterIndia call all travel loving bloggers to join our #XploreBharat Blog Train to share their stories, tales, & experiences. We welcome bloggers to contribute, grow and help us with your beautiful stories and experiences and tours from the beautiful Indian cities.

You may have traveled by road or train or air or just by roaming around. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the exploring and sharing of your knowledge. Today, on the 70th Republic day we welcome bloggers to participate and travel to the 70 interesting destinations in India.

So whatever mode you choose to Explore, Share your story.

Join us, Travel and Explore Bharat with us.

We would love to invite you and give you a special position when you get on to this Train to share your stories. Just choose a city you want to share with us on your own blog, get hold of your keyboard to pen down your stories and tours.