1. How many posts we should be posting?

Minimum 2 posts per participant and Maximum 4. But please note that the maximum post depends on the number of total participants. So, once all participants are allocated with minimum of 2 posts, then we extend it to others.

2. What if we choose the same place chosen by some other blogger?

Kindly scroll carefully through the excel sheet to see that any other member hasn’t chosen the place you wished to write upon. In case, this happens then the preference would be given to the blogger who filled those places first. You are requested to choose another place of your interest.

3. Is there a word limit for each of my posts?

Yes, we would prefer that it contains a minimum of 400-500 words but we believe ‘more the merrier!’

4. Can the blog posts have my personal touch?

Yes Of Course! that’s what we prefer here in this campaign. Your emotions and feelings portrayed through your posts will make it more alive. We want only personal stories for this #XploreBharat blog train.

5. Can I block consecutive dates?

We request to avoid such a situation to arise. This blog train is on the concept of passing the BATON and it needs to move from one blog to some other blog. After a few blog stops it can come back to you. So please choose the dates wisely.

6. Why I am not assigned the dates requested?

We have tried our best to allocate the dates requested by you. But in some cases where we noticed that the dates were close enough, we have changed dates to distribute it across the campaign. By this, you will have traction on your blog for all through the campaign and not just those few closer dates.

7. What handles to tag while you share or RT?

Please make sure you use both the sponsor’s id [@fabzania, @kaivindia] and BlogBoosterIndia id [@blogboosterind] when sharing and retweeting the post on social media.

P.S. The host team reserves the right to take the final decision regarding any issues with dates or destinations chosen in this Blog Train. This is to make sure you all have a wonderful experience all through the Blog Train journey!

Good Luck.