RULES for #XploreBharat Blog Train:
  • All 10 hosts have to be followed on their Facebook, Twitter or their Blog (links are given below). It helps to keep track of your posts, promote and assemble them in one place.
  • Your blog post must go LIVE before 12 noon IST.
  • Each Blog post from fellow participants is to be read, commented and shared on Twitter or Facebook. (Pinterest and Instagram will be appreciated but not compulsory.)
  • The blog post should be minimum 500 words long. Make sure you use genuine images and have no copyright issues.
  • The whole event will be moving from one blog to another by passing the Baton.
  • While sharing, you’ll have to use the hashtag – #XploreBharat. Reading, commenting should be on a daily basis.
  • Threads will be actively monitored by the admins of this group. Please maintain the highest level of compliance.
  • The final decision of any point related to the blog train lies with the hosts. They have the authority to modify and update the rules based on the need of the moment.
Embed a similar sentence in your post:
“Today the #XploreBharatBlogTrain has come to (Your Blog Name) from (Previous Blog). The next stop of this #XploreBharatBlogTrain is (Next Blog).”
The Hashtag #XploreBharat and #BlogBoosterIndia along with tweet handles of the hosts is to be included in every post written by the participants, while Pinning, Retweeting and putting it on Instagram.
Every blog post participating in #XploreBharat Blog Train should have the below information. For your convenience, we have it below. Feel free to copy paste the text and images.


This post is a part of the #XploreBharat Blog Train hosted by
Aditi, Esha, Maheshwaran, PraGun, Preeti, Saba, Sanjota, Sudip, Suhasini, Supriya

And a big shout out to our sponsor for taking this Blog Train experience even further.


BlogBoosterIndia sponsor KAIV

And now, the most important, make sure your post has the link of the blog post from whom you received the baton and also end your post by handing the baton to next in line. You can add a link to the blog site of the next blogger. Once the next post in link goes live, remember to update your post with post link.
Good luck to all Bloggers. Together we grow together!