Day 36 of #XploreBharat


Located at the borders of Maharashtra, just alongside Karnataka, Sanghli is a small district consisting of various small villages and a more simple kind of lifestyle. More known as the turmeric city of India, this district still holds some primitive feel in it. Consisting of vast pasture lands with more than average fertility in them, most of the area around this city is covered with either forests or farms.

As I entered the city and started my journey towards my Aunt’s place, the lush green open farms provided a beautiful view to my city addicted eyesights. The fresh breeze, the huge roads and huge trees alongside the roads welcomed me with warmth in the weather. The houses here are surprisingly well kept, equipped and spacious. Almost every second home is a multi storied Bunglow with a big garden or verandah on the outer side which is often used as home plantations. I actually had at least six vegetables grown on the home gardens of my aunty during my stay here.

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