Day 2 of #XploreBharat

#XploreBharat Atithi Devo Bhava

When I started to draft for this post, as usual, I was looking to write a very regular post like Top 5 places in Delhi.

But, one flight on the way to Stuttgart last week changed my idea completely. Yes, the trigger for this post came while I was browsing the Lufthansa magazine. I noticed an interesting article in the in-flight magazine about our Delhi.

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One thought on “Day 2 of #XploreBharat

  1. Interesting use of the blogging train to increase awareness about sanitation and hygiene and taking the reader to an oft-overlooked section of the capital city. The Sulabh museum doesn’t get nearly as much coverage as it probably deserves.

    Nice post. Kudos! 👌👌


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