Day 52 of #XploreBharat


We had been to Bhuj in 2016 and my reason for urging Patidev to drive me to this place was the mesmerizing White Desert, the Great Rann of Kutch.

The drive to Bhuj is five and half hours journey and we started off much before sunrise. We mostly do the same as it better and easier to drive through less traffic woes.One can take flights from it’s domestic airport that connects it to Mumbai( well connected). The Kandla airport is around 53kms from the city or one can also take the train.

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Sprinkled with the colours of art, history and tradition, Tripura is blessed with nature’s undisturbed charm. To begin with let’s check some interesting facts about Tripura.

1) Only one national highway, NH44 connects Tripura to the rest of India.
2) Tripura is the third smallest Indian state after Goa and Sikkim.
3) More than half the area of Tripura is covered with forests.
4) Tripura is one of the most literate states of India with a literacy rate of about 88%.
5) The distance between Tripura and Kolkata was 350 km before the partition of India which was increased to 1700 km after partition.
6) Tripura got its name from ‘Tripura Sundari’ temple in Udaipur.
7) Tripura is world-famous for bamboo products, wooden carvings and hand-woven cloth.
8) Tripura is home to world-famous heritage sites in Unakoti, Pilak and Devtamura.

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