Day 43 of #XploreBharat

#XploreBharat – An Unforgettable Road Trip to Dapoli

Would you believe if I told you that just a month before we went on a road trip to Dapoli, we hadn’t even heard of this place? Yes, it’s funny right! So, I was writing a content piece on Konkan trail and that’s how I came to know about Dapoli. The images of the place were so beautiful that I decided there and then that Dapoli was the place to visit for our next family vacation. For the uninitiated, Dapoli is a picturesque beach village in Ratnagiri. It didn’t take much to make my husband enthusiastic about Dapoli trip. And so for the Holi long weekend getaway, we just booked a hotel and off we went on an unforgettable road trip to Dapoli.

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