Day 41 of #XploreBharat

#XploreBharat – Thiruvannamalai

If you think that only we humans have ego and fight for claiming whose superior then you are wrong. Even Gods have been in this situation and there are plenty of Hindu mythology and history that talks on this.

One such example is what the history of Thiruvannamalai Temple in Tamilnadu, tell us.

Two of the TrimoorthiCreator & Protector, locked their horns on who is superior to the other. Unable to settle it within themselves, they decided to visit the third one, Destroyer, and seek his help to be a judge and declare the winner.

So, Shiva the Destroyer announced an interesting competition. Whoever sees his feet and this crown will be considered as the winner.

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#XploreBharat – Ujjain

Writing this article from my recent visit to Ujjain and Omkareshwar with my family. Covering the two of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Few kilometres away from Indore, the two cities are from two different poles so plan your trip accordingly.

How would you react when a food stall person say I’ll be closing the stall by 9 as I have to attend aarti? Yes, that what this place is about! A place where you’ll find peace, where you’ll experience spiritual vibes. A place with good food and peaceful life.


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