Day 38 of #XploreBharat

#XploreBharat – Aizwal

Aizwal, Till last few years the only memory I had about this place was while mugging up states and capitals of India in class 5th or 6th, never even thought it will be a place where we will make memories. Let me share a flashback with you, when I moved to Delhi post my graduation, I was staying in a Paying Guest accommodation, there I had 2 room mates one from Hyderabad and another one from north east,

Earlier I never even took an effort to know where exactly from NE. But as our friendship grew I came to know she was from Mizoram. I remember the dish she used to either bring or make for us called ‘Koat Pitha’ Koat Pitha is fried fritters made using rice flour, jaggery and bananas. It was just Yumm…

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#XploreBharat – Amristar

The first little steps watching orange and golden fish in pious sarovar, taking blessings in Harmandir sahib, having “Kadah Prasad”, buying toys from the outer market of The Golden Temple. These are the earliest and the fondest memories of my life. Born and brought up in a Small town “Amritsar” of Punjab, i never knew till i grew up that people cross all continents and oceans just to get blessings in the “holy city of gurus”

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