Day 33 of #XploreBharat

#XploreBharat – Manali Calling

Diversity is the flavour of our motherland, India. In the Xplore Bharat series, we are trying to reach every corner of the beautiful country by sharing our experiences. Today, I’m sharing my ‘Solang Valley’ travelogue with you. Triggering a wish to visit the valley would accomplish my mission:)

When we planned a trip to Manali, visiting Solang Valley was something new and out of the box idea. I checked and rechecked the information on the net as my husband loves to visit lesser known places and I’m a fan of popular ones. Solang Valley, to my surprise, came out to be one of the must visit places in India. Excited, we packed our bags and began our travel to Manali by road.
It was March end and summer had already started showing signs of ascent in Delhi. We were dressed in summer casuals but our bags were full of winter essentials. Weather played us and we began to cover ourselves with layers of woollens as hills approached.

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