Day 27 of #XploreBharat

#XploreBharat – Kanyakumari

I have several travel memories etched in my mind but the one that has left the deepest impression on me is our family trip to the southern tip of the Indian peninsula; Kanyakumari. We took this trip in March 2013, nearly six years back over a period of 3 days. My sprightly twelve-year-old was just seven at that time and she made it a very memorable trip with her innocent chatter and never-ending antics.

My wife straight away warned the two of us that it would have to be a budget trip. She made it very clear to us that we could not expect any fancy hotels or restaurants and she would decide where we stayed and ate. Both my daughter and I have a penchant for luxury hotels and restaurants and love to travel everywhere by car and eat the best food. But I knew money was of the essence to us at that moment and agreed humbly to the rules laid down by my wife.


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